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Personalized Service


You speak directly to Steve to discuss design ideas, scheduling, and cost.



Where a handshake and your word still mean something.

Fair Price


Better to charge a fair price and build loyalty than to make a fast buck and lose business.


Hello From Steve


Here at Paint By Steve we are dedicated to making your experience the best we possibly can. Steve puts a lot of time and effort into making your product look unique. Look thru the website and see what Paint By Steve is all about. We are here when you need us, so just reach out. 

How We Got Started

Steve started this business on a dare. A local sprint car driver stopped by the house and asked Steve to paint his helmet. Steve said, "Ok, on one condition...if it looks good, tell everyone. But if it looks like sh%*, keep your mouth shut."

Many years later, that same sprint car driver is still a customer!